My name is Julie Jonak. I am a full stack web developer with a background in small business, looking for new projects that solve challenging problems and emphasize user focused design.

With nine years' experience running an online business, my strengths lie in collaborating on teams and producing a high quality product. A lifelong love of travel has inspired me to seek ways in which code can create opportunities for people around the world.

As a Director of the Houston Women Who Code chapter, I've had the opportunity to share development opportunities with women and children in our community. When not working or volunteering, I enjoy building Alexa apps and hunting down taco trucks.

Recent Work


A short term rental property management web application that allows owners to easily manage employees, properties and guest reservations in one place.

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Twilio Zeit Integration

A Twilio Integration that allows Zeit users to easily setup Twilio on projects, test Twilio services, and manage call and SMS logs.

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Moody.io is a mood tracker app that correlates users' daily activities with their mood, using data analysis to track correlations over time, as well as running sentiment analysis to the users' Twitter account.

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Yo Clock!

Yo-Clock is a Google Chrome extension that helps users stay focused and productive. Users can set a customized timer to remind them of their next task to do, or if they are on a single page for too long, Yo Clock will remind them to set a timer to avoid the rabbit hole of the internet.

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